Do we live in an era of smart phones and dumb people?

By: Songwe Chiwila

Grade 11

JUNE 8, 2015

The above question was asked and a here are a few of the responses given:
§ ” Wait.. let me check my smart phone for the answer.”

  • “No, I don’t think stupid people could have developed smart phones.”
  • “We have always lived in a era of stupid people; we just have smart phones now.”
  • “Couldn’t agree more. 12 year olds walking around with Ipads and stuff. Ugh..”

Seeing that no world-renowned neuroscientist has come forth with a possible answer yet, we have left the platform open for anyone(yes-even you!) to give their testimony on whether or not they have been a slave to the bewitching lure of their Smartphone.

Some agree that although the technology behind our gizmos is reaching new heights, we are becoming more idiotic and sluggish. There are about seven billion of us but only a small percentage of our world’s population has a sincere desire to craft and advance our iPhones, tablets, laptops and iPods. The majority of us are just ‘chilling’ and waiting around for the final product to come instead of exploring and bringing forth innovative ideas. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs( RIP) and Mark Zuckerberg are all incredible examples of pioneers who’ve all created extraordinary products that the people from the 1960’s couldn’t imagine. However, those that truly do believe we’re an unintelligent group reckon that the exceptional ideas stop with those people.

However, some believe that we are all surrounded (each of us in our different place in the world) by fairly intelligent people… people who might just be able to develop our world. People who dream about travelling, who discover and who analyse the structure of our life and mind. They believe that even though these people are in the minority, they can make a difference, be it a small one.

Your stance? Well, I believe that we do indeed live in such an era. I say this not forgetting inspirational leaders and life-changers. I acknowledge them, but I also acknowledge the fact that they are in the minority. Hopefully there will be more people from this generation who will create more ‘smart stuff’ in the future. Looking at us now, do you think that’s likely?

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