Carer’s Club

The Carer’s Club gives our ladies opportunity to have a positive influence on our community (both internal and external). Examples of our activities include:

  • International Playday with the FCA – we host learners from various schools and play indigenous games/mini hockey/mini soccer to give learners a chance to have fun playing games
  • We arrange regular visits from the SANBS so the girls can donate blood
  • Sister Joan – we visit her from time to time to chat
  • CANSA – we have served as waitresses at the Choc House functions, take part in CANSA Walks and joined the Pink campaign last year when our trees were draped in pink fabric
  • We painted part of our own playground to allow the girls to enjoy playing these games again
  • Our teachers – teachers get a special Valentine’s gift every year
  • Balloon days – we host this day to allow the girls to take a break from serious school work and get to know each other a little better
  • Guardian learner day – the purpose of this day was to help teachers and their guardian learners to get to know each other a little better
  • Donations – we make donations (clothes, stationery, food) to various charities
  • Visits to our neighbouring old age home – the Matrics get valuable advice (topics ranging from what to look for in a future husband to how to make money!) from the elders before they leave school