Mission & Ethos

Vision & Mission Statement

SMS is a successful multi-cultural English medium Christian Girls’ School with a long and distinguished history in the Free State.

The vision is to promote the development of independent, skilled and confident young women who are able to lead happy and fulfilled lives, and to contribute constructively to South Africa and the wider world.

Our mission is to provide an excellent learning environment for academic, sporting and cultural achievement while nurturing the emotional development of the girls in a caring environment. Based on our Anglican foundation, SMS develops the spirituality of the girls and staff and fosters its expression in the work of the school community.


Almighty God, before whom we stand,
Make this school a place where Truth and Love abound.
May St Michael and all the holy angels bless and protect us
So that we may be instruments of Your glory;
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord,



Piercing clear St Michael’s eyes,
Gaze across his angel ranks,
On to mortals who give thanks,
For this warrior strong and wise.

We who proudly bear his name,
Lift our hearts in happy praise,
Joyously our voices raise,
And our saint’s protection claim.