Afternoon Care

Afternoon Care

Day Care and Homework Centre

Day Care: Grade 00 to Grade R
Homework Centre: Grade 1 to Grade 6

Venues for various Grades:

Grade 00In the Grade 00 class
Grade 000In the Grade 000 class
Grade R:in the Butterfly class
Grade 1-3:at the Foundation Phase
Grade 4-6:in a Intermediate Phase class, usually a Grade 4 class.

Times and Days of the Day Care/Homework Centre:

  • Mondays to Fridays straight after school until 17:00.
  • Exeat weekends from 12:00 until 17:00.
  • Last day of the term no daycare.

Day Care/Homework Centre is from January until November, no Day Care/Homework Centre during December.

Day Care ladies:

GradeStaff member
Grade 00Teacher Lisa Tromp
Grade 000Teacher Janelle de Necker
Grade RGranny Anna
Grade 1 – 3Teacher Malise Taljaard and Alberta Vermeulen
Grade 4 – 6Teacher Lynette Combrink

Responsibilities of the staff:

  • Keep the girls safe.
  • Help the girls with homework and areas they need extra help with.
  • Make sure the girls does not go home with strangers.
  • Make sure the girls attends and returns from their sport in the afternoons.

Rules and regulations: Homework Centre/Daycare Rules

1. Pupils who attend Homework Centre MUST come to class straight after school or sport and not roam around the school grounds.

2. Girls may move around and play ONLY on the Homework Centre/Daycare grounds where there is supervision.

3. When the girls go to extra murals they have to sign out and sign in again when they return to class.

4. The Centre supplies refreshments

5. The girls may change into comfortable clothes during the afternoon.

6. Your daughter is only released to a parent who needs to sign her out and write the time of collection as well. PLEASE ADVISE BY EMAIL OR LETTER IF / WHEN SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE USUAL PERSON WILL COLLECT YOUR DAUGHTER.

7. Girls must be collected no later than 17h00. If not collected by 17:10 a late pick up fine of R150 will be added to your invoice.

8. PLEASE MARK ALL YOUR DAUGHTER’S BELONGINGS!! The Homework Centre and Daycare staff is NOT responsible for any lost property.

9. All homework books must be signed daily by parents to make sure the homework has been done properly and for any other information regarding school holidays, activities, exeat weekends, etc. THE FINAL CHECKING OF HOMEWORK IS STILL THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENTS.

10. Please take note that the teachers at the Homework Centre will help your daughter with her homework as far as possible. If, however, she does not attend class because of extra murals or other activities, it will not be possible to do all the homework during the afternoon.

11. Please send a signed letter or email if you would like to cancel Homework Centre/Daycare so that we can fill the space with a new girl.

Contact Information

Mrs Malise Taljaard
Head of Centre