Intermediate Phase

Learners are eased into the Intermediate Phase by being with only one teacher for most of their subjects. Learners also choose between Afrikaans and Sesotho as a First Additional Language. The emotional development and well-being of the learners are prioritized at the beginning of Grade 4 The classrooms are large, light and beautifully decorated.

Learners with learning barriers are assisted by two remedial teachers.

Maths extra classes are offered free of charge in Grades 4 – 6, and the Day-care Centre provides safe afternoon care and help with homework.

In Grade 5 the learners are taught by subject teachers. They move to the Ladybug Class for Maths and to the Owl Class for English. The Maths classroom has Maths games, building blocks and posters which make it a fun learning experience. The English Classroom has its own class library and learners are encouraged to read old classics (which have been adapted for lower grades) as well as modern literature like Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries.

Learners are provided with many enrichment activities in various areas and they are are encouraged to take part in Olympiads like Conquesta, the SACEE Language Challenge and the NST Olympiad. The Intermediate Phase Market Day promotes business and financial skills and the Spring Tea teaches Grade 6 learners catering skills. During Lateral Learning Week the girls are exposed to activities outside the school curriculum, which also promote team work. Grade 4 – 6 Learners have the opportunity to take part in informal public speaking events which provide learners with a platform where they learn how to be public orators and build confidence. All Grade 5 and 6 learners are given the opportunity to be part of an informal drama production this consists of main character speech and sing in choirs this is a fun-filled event for all to enjoy.

Gr 6 learners have the opportunity to develop and display leadership skills as they all act as chapel and class monitors.