High School

GET Phase (Grade 7 – 9)

Phase head: Mrs Forster

In the GET Phase all learners are expected to take the subjects described below. The subject and pass requirements for each grade also summarised in the Middle School Information Letter available on the downloads page.

Please feel free to read the CAPS documents as a guideline to what can be expected in the various subjects.

Pass requirements for Grade 7 – 9
Subject Level %
Home Language 4 50
First Additional Language 3 40
Mathematics 3 40
Three Subjects 3 40
Two Subjects 2 30

Phase head: Mrs Schoeman

The FET Phase includes Grades 10 -12. We have two classes per grade, and we pride ourselves on our small classes and individual attention we can offer our learners. We have an immensely talented and efficient senior school staff. A number of our matric teachers serve as markers, senior markers and internal moderators for various subjects across the province during the end of year Grade 12 Examinations.

There is a great sense of coherence and unity in this phase, with emphasis placed on academic excellence. But, we offer much more than just that. The staff tries to develop each learner holistically, reminding them of the foundation of our ethos – Ante Deum Asto.