44th yr 100% pass

94.3% Bachelor pass

92 Distinctions

68% Class average 

Congratulations to the Class of 2023.

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Welcome to St Michael's School for Girls

St Michael’s School for Girls, the oldest girls’ school north of the Orange River, is a progressive school that moulds confident young women who can play a meaningful role in South African society.  SMS is a family school where quality education is a joy and girls have a spring in their step.

The school moved to its present site in Brandwag in 1970. The foundation stone was laid by Bishop Frederick Amoore. Many precious relics were also transferred and can be seen in the archives, in the chapel and in and around the school complex. In 1975, Rev Mother Mary Ruth and the sisters retired from their administrative, academic and hostel duties in the school. Currently, governance is vested in the school parent community represented by an elected Board of Governors as School Governing Body. 

150 years

of Grace

Oldest girls school

north of the Orange river

Average % per learner
over the past 20 years.

St Michael's School Academics

SMS is committed to quality education for all our learners. Proof of that can be seen in our academic achievement of 100% matric pass rate for the past 44 years.

St Michael’s offers all learning areas as required by the Free State Department of Education, according to the CAPS curriculum up to Grade 9.

From Grades 10-12, learners may choose from a wide variety of subjects. Learners with differing interests and career choices are accommodated.

Our subject package is geared to ensure that every Grade 12 learner can leave school with a Bachelor’s pass (university admission).

St Michael's School Art

The different art forms are an integral part of the school curriculum and community at St Michael’s School for Girls.

All girls from grade 1 – 9 are exposed to and participate in Visual Art and Music. These classes are an important part of the holistic approach St Michael’s School for Girls offers.

From Grade 10, girls can choose Visual Arts, Music or Dramatic Arts as one of their subjects in the FET phase. Girls develop confidence and self-esteem through creative, practical explorations and it gives them the opportunity to broaden their cultural and artistic horizons.

St Michael's School Sport

At St Michael’s we offer a variety of sport disciplines: athletics, hockey, netball, tennis, swimming, squash, and Cross Country.

Sport plays an important role in encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle. Physical activity will help to set them on the path to overall fitness and good health.

Sport demands a disciplined attitude which has a positive spin off into all areas of life, and team sports teach them to work together.  Goals are set and with commitment and dedication, these goals can be reached.

We expect our learners to participate in at least one winter and one summer sport which will hopefully motivate them to become more involved. Most importantly, however, the girls are to have fun in all they do.

St Michael's School Mission & Ethos

SMS is a successful multi-cultural English medium Christian Girls’ School with a long and distinguished history in the Free State.

The vision is to promote the development of independent, skilled and confident young women who are able to lead happy and fulfilled lives, and to contribute constructively to South Africa and the wider world.

Our mission is to provide an excellent learning environment for academic, sporting and cultural achievement while nurturing the emotional development of the girls in a caring environment. Based on our Anglican foundation, SMS develops the spirituality of the girls and staff and fosters its expression in the work of the school community.