Dramatic Arts

To do… that’s what drama means in Greek. It is something that the girls at St Michael’s, do with great enthusiasm, excelling at eisteddfods and in productions alike.  Drama is a social art form that integrates visual, aural, physical, kinaesthetic and performative elements to communicate, explore, reflect on, and enhance the human experience.

You might be asking yourself ‘why’? What are the benefits of the Dramatic Arts? Dramatic arts teach you to think in three different ways; analytical, critical, and creative. You get to know yourself and also the people around you, as you have to read them carefully. You will be advantaged by the skills acquired in the Dramatic Arts when entering the following career fields: Acting, Theatre design, Producing, Writing, Drama therapy, Journalism, Publishing, Advertising, Teaching, Preaching, Law, Politics, Psychology, Public Relations and in all fields where you are going to talk to other people!

Most importantly drama is fun and fosters a zest for life!