Remedial at St. Michael’s School for Girls

No printed word, nor spoken plea
Can teach young minds what they should be,
Not all the books on all the shelves –
But what teachers are themselves.

-Rudyard Kipling-

Our Remedial Unit at St. Michael’s tries to eliminate all obstacles that impede the learner’s progress towards future success in her schooling.

Teachers have daily contact with learners and are the first to identify pupils lagging behind because of learning barriers. However, it is not always necessary, and in some cases not advisable, to refer every child with a learning problem to other institutions.

If the problem cannot be dealt with in the classroom, the teacher will refer the learner to the remedial unit.

Mrs. Lombard mainly assists learners from the Foundation Phase and pre-primary, while Mrs.Taljaard assists Intermediate, and senior Phase learners. The remedial teachers try to identify the problem by testing the learners using the following methods:

  • U.C.T Diagnostic Tests in spelling; reading and speed reading
  • Essi Tests – Language proficiency test in spelling and reading
  • Vassi Test – Mathematics proficiency test
  • San Diego Reading test
  • DRL – Diagnostic Reading and Language tests


A remedial programme will be devised that will enable the learner to cope on their grade level. A learner is seen at least twice weekly, depending on the severity of her learning barrier for 30 minutes at a time.

Our remedial department also provides assistance with concessions for learners who need assistance during assessments and exams.Learners with more severe problems will be referred to the nearest Child Guidance Clinic where careful diagnosis is made and where intensive therapy can be given. The remedial teachers pay attention to reading, spelling, writing and Mathematics.

Support from class teachers, remedial teachers and parents can make a big difference in a learner’s schooling career.