Chess is the gymnasium for the brain. It has been proven that playing chess can improve academic excellence in core subjects like mathematics and even languages. Junior chess is coached weekly to the girls. Each session has between 20 to 40 excited girls.

Chess is made to be a fun activity where they can interact with friends and learn from their peers, under the supervision of a coach who makes sure the proper rules are followed. This method helps them to build social skills and discipline as well.

Our Junior School chess coach is a young lady by the name of Susan Nel, who also started playing chess in primary school and went on to represent South Africa at chess championships in France and Vietnam. She is a full time student and enjoys teaching and promoting chess, especially to girls.

The senior girls take part in the Bloemfontein Chess League, which starts in the second term, and also play in other tournaments throughout the year.

Our High School coach, Angie de Wet, also has SA colours and both coaches are qualified arbiters.

We urge learners to come and join. Beginners are welcome!