Carer's Club

Carer's Club

The Carer’s Club aims to produce caring adults who are ready to serve rather than to be served. In this sense the Carers’ Club, can be joined voluntarily and through this club we aim to foster a commitment to improving our communities and society as a whole.

The Carer’s Club gives our ladies opportunities to have a positive influence on our community and to foster care and love for others not only within our school community but the wider Bloemfontein area as well.

Some of the projects and initiatives that our girls support are

  • Sunflower House
  • The CANSA Pink ribbon campaign and Cupcakes for CANSA
  • THE SPCA and other animal welfare organisations.
  • The Street Store
  • Bloemshelter
  • The Children’s Home

Our Carer’s Club Programme seeks to provide each girl with the opportunityto understand her responsibilities to societywith the auspicious been on compassion, humility and service.