Public Speaking

Public Speaking

On Monday and Thursday afternoons aspiring public speakers of all age groups have the opportunity to develop their communication skills with the support and guidance from Mrs. Potgieter.

Speakers voice their opinions and ideologies regarding various challenging topics. Not only are the confidence levels being boosted by addressing an audience, but at the same time we actually get to have loads of fun.

As we listen to each others’ views, we not only expand our minds and broaden our vision but we learn more about human diversity and individuality since everyone is entitled to their own interpretations.

We talk about a variety of current affairs such as fracking, the influence of social media on relationships, global warming, identity theft and more. Speakers go through a process of collecting relevant information and doing further extensive research on  a particular topic. We also encourage own thinking and personal views on matters.

We challenge ourselves by tackling more abstract topics in order to ignite the creative right brain.